No-Fear Project is a health management platform initiated by Lingshan Charity Foundation, focusing on families with patients who unfortunately suffer from serious illness. It organized and recommended professional and efficient philanthropic help through public fundraising, in order to reduce the patients’ stress from their financial need for treatment to the greatest extent. Taking care of monks and priests, as well as other groups with difficulties, this project intends to alleviate their worries by creating a medical system for the aged.

No-Fear Mutual Aids

Adults between 18 to 50 years old are eligible to join the No-Fear Mutual Aid community just by reserving ¥9 Within the community, when one person got sick, everyone would equally pay for the treatment. The patients with serious illness can obtain ¥300,000 funds to the utmost. This way, the risk of individuals getting serious illness are apportioned among the community.

No-Fear Salvation

It is a fundraising project for serious illness, cooperated by Lingshan Charity Foundation and No-Fear Project. Patients can initiate a fundraiser by themselves on this platform. Then, professional team from Lingshan Charity Foundation will conduct audition and supervision, and the public will provide financial help according to their own wills. The patients’ financial needs can thus be greatly reduced. Platform Features: No service fee, promotion on multiple platforms, professional examination from public fundraising foundation, and convenient initiation operation directly through WeChat.

Medicare for Monks (coming soon)

“Medicare for Monks -- Welfare Foundation” was initiated by various philanthropists, who greatly contributed to public welfare and charity undertakings, and it was established with support from Lingshan Charity Foundation. This project intends to ally philanthropists from all fields in the society and to implement the medicare system for aged monks.

Service Domain: Pay medical treatment insurance and endowment insurance for monks below the age of 60, and provide medical treatment and endowment related support for monks aged 60 and above. The standard offering is ¥10,000 per person per year.

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